Use & Care

Cleaning our reusables:

It’s easy. Simply throw in the wash & line dry. Both carebags® and Got it! and machine washable and long lasting.

The list is endless… But here are a few of our favs:

- Buy/Wash/Store food right in the bag
- Scrub coatings off produce
- Strain jams and jellies
- Sieve nut milks and yogurt
- Brew camp coffee
- Squeeze honey from the honeycomb
- Sprout seeds
- Dry herbs
- Store bulbs and tubers
- Fill with hiking snacks
- Pack lunches
- Stash kids toys
- Protect out of season clothes
- Store travel toiletries
- Organize lingerie in luggage
- Contain foreign currencies enroute
- Separated clean / dirty clothes in a gym tote
- Fill with small items and tie into the dishwasher
- Scrub pots and pans (Got it! bags best for this)
- Fill floral stones & gems for washing & drying

A versatile alternative to using plastic!

Our bags take on a multitude of uses. You already bring reusable shopping bags to the store, why not take your eco-consciousness to the next step – bring reusable produce bags as well!

For more information:

How to use carebags® (English) PDF 2.8MB
How to use carebags® (French) PDF 2.8MB
How to use Got it! (English) 1.5MB
How to use Got it! (French) 1.5MB