Carebags vs. Got it!

Two great reusable bag solutions:

We proudly offer two reusable bag solutions; carebags® and Got it!.

Both products are strong, lightweight, breathable, machine washable, long lasting, and hand made in Canada.

Some of the differences between carebags® and Got it! include:

carebags - logo - april 2016

carebags® hold over 11 lbs
carebags® stretch in all directions
carebags® green w/ colored drawstrings
carebags® tested to 20 years use
carebags® soft to the touch
carebags® polyester/spandex


Got it! hold up to 8 lbs
Got it! stretch widthwise
Got it! white w/ striped strings
Got it! tested to 5 years use
Got it! more scrubbing power
Got it! polyester

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