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I have been using your Carebags for well over three months. I had been cutting back on my use of plastic bags over the years and by chance saw your product in the produce section at Whole Foods. What a great alternative. The original four green bags are holding up perfectly well and are being used on a regular basis, which makes me feel a whole lot better, when I think of the amount of plastic I used to use (even though I would recycle them…better to not even need to recycle…).

The bags clean up super well in the laundry machine (and hang dry very quickly).
Thanks for such a great contribution!!

Kathryn, Vancouver, BC

I just wanted to say thank you!! I went to a store yesterday that I almost never go to, because they don’t have a very good organic section and out of the corner of my eye I saw a package of “got it” bags hanging, no sign, no price, nothing. It caught my eye. I have recently decided I no longer wanted plastic touching the food I eat. I have been putting fruit and veggies in paper bags or glass jars in the fridge. The bags get soggy and rip and the glass containers are awkward. I saw your product and had to have it. When I got home I put my local organic groceries in the bags I had purchased and it felt great. I just purchased a package of your “carebags” off your website as well. So thanks for making an alternative to plastic.

Alita D – Nanaimo BC

I love the carebags® & Got it! bags.  I bought extra to share with friends and have had a lot of positive feedback.

Trinda – Vanderhoof, B.C.

I was SO excited when our carebags® arrived and have been thrilled to be using them in place of plastic for our produce shopping!  Thanks for your wonderful product!

Valerie - Richmond

Yes, we received them and we love them!  We have already had several comments from people when they see us using them.  My wife posted a glowing review on Facebook as well.

Thank you!

Peter – Richmond


Oh- I actually use your Got it! bags!
I am interested in selling them to (cooking) students. It’s wonderful that they are BC products, and have lots of value.

Andrea – Vancouver

I bought my first carebags® just over a year ago and loved them so much that I bought a couple of sets for stocking stuffers for friends last Christmas. I have since given away (or lost) most of my own original stash. It really is a wonderful unique product. Kudos on running a great Canadian business. :)

Christina – Mississauga

I’ve been meaning to tell you about my new use for carebags®. I’ve been using them (the draw string style) at the swimming pool to carry my shampoo, soap and swim cap and goggles – work great.


I just wanted to say I was recently given one of your great carebags®. I have several other kinds of reusable produce bags but I have been really impressed with my carebag. It’s so stretchy and easy to fill. I reach for it first every time. I can’t wait to order more. Thanks for such a great product.


Hello – I am so pleased to find a new use for my carebags®! Since I rarely remember to bring them shopping, I am using them in different ways around the house. Here they are in my bedroom storing cotton swabs and elastics. I regularly give them away with a bottle of wine.  Or at xmas filled with homemade goodies.

I hope your business is going well. I really admire your philosophy and principles of staying as local as possible.

I am in the process of developing an office supply product that I am trying to do locally and sustainably. So, you guys are in inspiration.

Dawn – Alberta

Even kids know to shop with carebags® reusable bags!

Photos sent in from Laura M.

Hello! I have been using the bags for just over a month now and use them frequently when I go to the farmer’s market and when I pick up my organic foodshare. Thanks for creating a helpful product!

Anna – Milton, Ontario

Love them! Thanks so much for offering a great product.

Barb – Oshawa, Ontario

I can see it will be great to have them & terrific to eliminate all that plastic from the garbage. Another bonus is their breathability so no condensation forming on produce. Also, they have solved the problem of the bottoms of the plastic bags breaking & spilling all the carefully chosen produce all over the floor. Brilliant product!

Cathy – Thornhill, Ontario

The bags are great – I think I might order more later this year for Christmas presents for our ‘Ladies Group’. Thanks!

Judith – Toronto, Ontario

I like the carebags® and they are performing well.

Kate – Los Angeles, CA

I love them, they are standing up well. Nice not to be using all the plastic.
Thanks and keep up the good work. Cheers!

Theresa – Concord, Ontario

Well, I ordered a set for myself and a set for my sister-in-law. We both LOVE them!! Personally I love that they stretch to fit whatever fruit or vegetable I put in them. I also like that you can see through the bags very well to get the produce code from the item you are purchasing or even to just identify what is in the bag. I’ve purchased other produce bags that were a heavier cotton mesh material and I like yours much better. Thanks!

Christine – Channahon, IL

Love it.  Ordered a single to try and it was perfect for my shopping this weekend.  Are the ones you order in groups any bigger?  I might need bigger for lettuce or larger items.  Do they still feel the same as the singles?  Can you wash the bags in the washing machine? Thanks so much!

Cheryl -Ontario

I received my carebags® last week and have started using them this weekend when I went to the market.  Thank you for such a prompt delivery.  At first I was a little concerned as the bags seemed a little smaller than I had expected.  However, I soon realized that the bags are stretchable and can hold quite a lot of produce.  I loved the drawstrings in the Carebag singles.  It would have been nice to have drawstrings in the carebags® originals as well, but it’s not that important as I can store the larger leafy vegetables in them.

After I came home, I washed the bags so that they’re ready to be used next time and they dried momentarily.  I have been looking for produce bags for a long time now, but everywhere I looked, they were very expensive.  Not only were these bags functional, but they’re economical and affordable.  I am very happy with the purchase and the service I received from you.  I will definitely refer Carebags to my friends.

Thank you very much.

Zerlina – Markham, Ontario

I love the carebags, thanks! I have sent them to all my friends/family accross the country and insist they start using them. Nothing but positive feedback about your fabulous product :)

Kindest regards,

Thea – Vancouver, BC

They’re a big hit!  I mostly gave them away, but kept the bonus bag you sent me (thanks!!) and might just break open the extra pack I bought.  Lotsa comments from the grocery store checkout (goofs, I use it every time, but every time they’re impressed and interested), and my sister and mom (Chicago IL and LaCrosse WI respectively) use theirs regularly, as well as a helpful neighbor of mine to whom I gave a Canadian gift bag (native girl, loved the wrapping).  Not sure about the sister in law (Richmond, VA) or the aunt (Atlanta, GA), but overall I’m pleased with the purchase and glad everyone’s using that many fewer plastic bags! Thanks for the follow up!

Colleen – Herndon, VA

Hi – They are great! My kids and I use them for lunches and snacks, but also to take small toys on car trips etc…  And for a toiletry bag for camping etc…They are very handy.  But I don’t often go to a grocery store because I have SPUD delivery and I also buy bulk as part of a food buying co-op, so I need giant containers for that.   Thanks!!

Dawn – Calgary Alberta

I won a set of Carebags from Simply Living on a Budget, and I really love them. Whenever we have a spiral ham, I use the ham bone to make French Market soup, and it’s always somewhat of a pain because pieces of the bone inevitably end up in the soup.  But today I put the ham in one of your bags, tied a knot in the end, and put it into the soup.  I can smell that the flavor is getting into the soup, but the bones are staying OUT of the soup. I will be sure to tell everyone where I got them! Thank you so much!

Barbara Wright

I absolutely love your product. I use them daily and have gotten a few of my clients hooked. I have a local market that would love easy access to these bags. I own a CrossFit gym with an extremely healthy and environmentally conscious client base, and I would love to offer these bags for sale.

Devin G – Pentanguishene, Ontario

I had bought the bags to split between my mom and I… I just went grocery shopping yesterday and the bags worked wonderfully.

Yi Z – Tacoma, Washington

I’m a Canadian living in Aberdeen, Scotland. I recently received a set of carebags as a gift from my auntie-in-law who lives in Vancouver. She bought them at the Vancouver Farmers Market. In the month or so that I’ve been using them, I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re absolutely fantastic! This is a great product and I’d like to say thank you for making carebags available. Also, I have been showing them to friends and colleagues here in Aberdeen and everyone is so disappointed that they’re not available locally to buy.

Martina K – Aberdeen City, UK

Brilliant!  You’ve solved the problem of keeping produce fresh in the fridge so simply and without plastic–if you were a mom in the 50′s inventing this, plastic may never have existed, this would have been the preferred alternative all along.  I love it!

Joanna M – Vancouver, BC

I recently purchased a set of carebags® at the Winter Farmer’s Market (after receiving a sample from Diana, the time before).  The small bag came in very handy for straining nut milk through and retaining the pulp for baking, etc. I had priviously been using cheese cloth for this process and squeezing out the nut milk had resulted in tearing of the cheese cloth and some of the pulp oozing out from the cloth. I was very pleased with the results using the carebag this time, and furthermore the process took no time at all. Thanks for the product solution, and also put some greens to the test in the crisper, they do stay fresher for a longer tim.

Michael – Vancouver, BC

I use the carebags to strain and rinse my soaked seeds and nuts and am going into business making raw food products.

Jeffrey – Ottawa, ON

We’ve discovered that when making homemade ice cream, carebags® come in handy to strain any lumps out of the custard before freezing!

Nicole – Vancouver, BC

I recently had the occasion to extract some honey from the comb in my beehive. Using a carebag® to wring out the comb works really well. The honey came out nice and clean leaving a ball of wax. After a short wash up the bag was as good as new and ready for another trip to the market.

Don L- Surrey, BC

Every time I bring my fruit- or vegetable-filled carebags® up to a checkout, the Checker and the people in line behind me comment on what a phenomenal thing they are, and invariably ask me where I got them. I have been using my Carebags for years; they are durable, light, easy to wash, and I keep them handy in my canvas shopping bags. Each time I use a Carebag I secretly pat myself on the back for not using a plastic bag and contributing to the world’s needless waste. I love my carebags® and cannot recommend them enough! My only problem with them is when I take a filled Carebag to a friend’s house–they fall in love with them and never give me the carebags® back!

Dena C. – Portland, OR

I think this is an amazing product!

Kirsten M. – Vancouver, BC

I received a set of carebags® as a gift recently. I did not really know anything about them at the time but they have since become some of the most important things in my kitchen. Working at a full time job and being the parent of a teen I sometimes don’t have time to prepare my produce right away. I often found that when I finally had time to make a salad or whip up a stir-fry my vegetables had expired while waiting in the crisper. It became a regular routine to throw last weeks shopping in to the composter. Since being introduced to care bags 3 months ago I have discovered my fresh produced lasts more than twice as long and I have not had to waste a sing fruit or vegetable since I began using carebags. This has saved me at least $20 a month on my in groceries expenses. Now, along with my reusable shopping bags, I routinely bring my carebags with me to the grocery store.

Cindy R – Vancouver, BC

Hi! i love your bags! do you also distribute them to stores in montreal (quebec)?

Anne-Marie D. – Ottawa, ON

For years we had been looking for another option to those clear plastic bags in the produce store. The carebags have been exactly what we were looking for and more. I also use them as a strainer for homemade vegetable broth in the kitchen. We enjoy them so much that we want to pass on the goodness to our whole family. We think they’ll make great eco-Christmas gifts. Thanks so much!

Eryne D. – Vancouver, BC

Dear carebags®, thank you, thank you, thank you. These bags are fantastic and such a beautifully simple design, but best of all they work. I followed your instructions of washing produce right in the bag and my greens lasted so much longer. I’ve bought 10 pounds of potatoes with them and am amazed at how strong and stretchy they are. I just tied the bag in on itself which is fantastic because my former option had a drawstring which was always getting tangled with other items in the wash. Simple and affordable, I’m giving them to all my friends for Christmas.

Kali P – Calgary, AB

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my carebags®! I use them every time I shop my local grocer and although the staff are now accustomed to my carebags the local shoppers are always curious as to were I got them and ask how to acquire their own. They also wash  up very well. Thanks!

Andrea F – Coquitlam, BC

Yes… really Good!

Cathy P. – Georgetown, ON

As a transplanted Vancouverite in Houston TX, I was so excited to find these bags on a trip home last year. I brought a set home and have been using and loving them. Cashiers often comment on them and I love them. I’m going to order some more for myself and friends! Thanks for putting this great product on the market.

Lynda R – Austin, TX