The towels totally seduced us when we opened the parcel.  The colors were even more beautiful than on the pictures!  We love the quality of the material, tight and well woven.

We bought some for us, and another 2 as a gift when we visit our friends this summer.

Happy summer ahead,

Mt. Tremblant, Quebec Canada

I was skeptical at first when my girlfriend said we were taking Kikoys on our Hawaiian vacation.  What bring our own towels, are you nuts? But I’m so glad we did. Perfect for changing on the beach and as a cover-up when I got too much sun. Very hip and cool!  Everywhere we went people asked us where we got them.
Pemberton, B.C. Canada

I love the Kikoy beach towels, they are versatile, may be used as a beach  towel, a blanket, a shawl or a skirt. They are beautiful and durable, the  best feature is the hidden pocket to leave my room key and credit card in while I am swimming. I liked them so much that I bought 3 with matching stuff sacs to give as presents.

Smith Falls Ontario

I use my Kikoy towel in different ways. During the cold winter months it is my scarf, and during swimming season it is a beautiful towel and cover-up. I love the color combinations and secret pocket. The material is cosy and drys quickly.

Green Lake, Quebec, Canada