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Cool Earth Products is the proud home of carebags® & Got it! ®


Canadian made solutions for a world of plastic waste.  

In the 1990’s, carebags® were the first to provide reusable bags for produce, bulk foods, and other uses such as sieving jams and jellies, or nut milk. 

Designed by two young Mum’s, carebags® started as a home based business. After a few years the company folded, but was re-started again in 2008 by the original sales woman. Now the bags are ethically made in a small Vancouver factory, along with their little sister product Got it! ®.


A true reusable should be built to last, with quality materials, and excellent workmanship. This is exactly what we do at carebags® and Got it! ® reusables.

We are dedicated to local production for accountability, sustainability, superior manufacturing standards, ethical employment and Canadian economic development. 

From 2009-2019 we have sold over 750,000 reusable bags, and take great pride in reducing single use plastic with our high quality reusables. 

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

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