• D Conway

2020 - 12 years ago we relaunched and added a new brand to stand beside our 1st, Carebags

Carebags started as a local enterprise in 1990

The company went dormant after a few years

I restarted #Carebags in 2008, committed to #local production

12 years later we are the leading brand in #Canada for #reusable #produce,#bulk food and #nutmilk bags

I’ve always maintained that globalization is not good for the planet. It provides cheaper goods at incredible human and environmental costs. It all but killed our local clothing manufacturing sector in Canada.

Especially lately it has been hard to combat the influx of super cheap #reusables that are retailed at less than what we pay for quality materials. They are retailed at less that what our #Canadian labour costs on bags are. I just have to remember that we are the best, our huge popularity is mainly word of mouth. Our following is enormous.

Local production provides – #Accountability#Sustainability – Enhanced Quality control at all levels – promotes municipal #business relationships – and #local #economic #growth

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